Hi, This Is We Boou!

Issuing time:2017-10-28 11:33

Founded in 2012, Yongkang BoouHardware Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in inventing,designing and producing herb grinder,

ice crusher, meat grinder, vegetablechopper and food blender, etc. The Company covers over 4,000 square meters,

hasadvanced producing equipment and top research team. In domestic, every seriesof products has been authenticated by CQC(China Quality Certification Centre) .

Even in global,  Boou’s products havegained CE , RoHS and other certification which are confirmed by clients.

In Boou, Clients can not only choose Boou’s high quality products; they can alsocustomize(OEM) their own products’ brand.

At the same timetheinventive research team of Boou, can design for clients according to theirrequirements.

Company Name:Yongkang Boou Hardware Products Co., Ltd.                                                                    Brand Name: BOOU

Company Add.:Shizhu, Yongkang, Zhejiang, China                                                                                         Founder: ChenXiaolong

Company Area: Morethan 4000 Square Meters                                                                                              Found Time: 2012

Company Tenet:Good as Platinum, Boou,  makes your lifebetter.