Herb Grinder Machine

Issuing time:2017-11-13 16:34

   Winter is coming, and itis well known that it is quite good for us to preserve our health and save ourenergy in winter. And Chinese regimen becomes more and more popular all aroundthe world.

   Today, we will present youour multifunctional grinder machine (herb grinder), which is an excellentequipment to assist people to make a healthier life.

Adopting the high – speed motorwith high quality and the exquisite bearings , grinder machines have exactfabric , low noise and low energy consumption.

1.      The grinder can flour manykinds of cereal crops , chinese traditional medicine , seasoning and rawchemical material , such as corn ,hippocampus , pearl , aniseed and coal . etc.

2.      The grinders machines arevery portable and convenient , which can be put in a small corner after use .

3.      They are user - friendlycontrol . The machine will start to work after screwing up the lids and thenturning on the switches .Meanwhile , the grinder machines have very powerfulmotors and strong blades . The stuff can be grinded into powder in 1 - 2minutes , whose density can reach 5 0 - 3 0 0 mesh.

In a word , the grindersmachines are multipurpose , which can be used in kitchen , hotel , restaurant ,pharmacy , chinese - medicine house , research institution , laboratory andscientific research unit of geology. Variety of grindermachines can match all users ' needs and demands.

OK, this is all about the introduction of Boou multifunctional grinder machine.

Wish we all a goodhealthier life.

Please watch the video formore details.